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Three (3) Simple Ways to Join Young Investors

Start a Young Investors Chapter

It's easy and a fun way to bring friends together

Step 1. Email
This is the first step so we can send you information, prizes, and other tools to help you get started.

Step 2: Recruit Your Friends as Your 1st YI Chapter Members
Recruit 3 – 5 friends to help you get your YI Chapter running.

Step 3. Ask your favorite teacher to be the Club Sponsor.
Find a Teacher as a Chapter/Club Sponsor.

Once you have these three things, we do the rest for you.

Contact Us to Help You Start a YI Chapter at Your Middle School, High-School, College, or Church.

Volunteer Team
Young Designer

Become a YI Member with a click of a button

New YI Online Members will receive the following:

1. Educational opportunities to learn more about investing young, often, and purposefully.

2. YI Updates and articles emailed from

3. Access to YI's Stock Market Competitions against other YI Chapters and YI Students around the world.

4. YI Connects you to a great network of Young Investors around the world.

Donate Your Time, Talents, or Resources to YI Students as a YI Partner in Education

Show Your Support

Are you a teacher, business leader, role-model, community leader, mentor, or church leader that would like to get involved? If so, we would like to get you involved as a YI Partner in Education in which you can donate your time, talents, and resources to YI Students as a speaker, mentor, business role-model, etc. Alternatively, YI Partners in Education can also donate financial resources towards Young Investors, Inc. Please click on the following link to learn more.


Would you love to get involved? There are many ways of contributing to Young Investors, Inc. We welcome your involvement. Please contact us via email: and/or 407.494.5721 to learn more.

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